Frequently Asked Questions

Full name according to your official ID requires for all bookings. Why?

Your full name must be entered according to your travel documents/ passport. If your name is JOHN MARK CITIZEN, you would enter the following:

Given Names Last Name

Please note any symbols, spaces or other special characters will not be accepted.

My travel companions will travel on different flights/dates than me, what should I do?

All passengers under the same booking must travel on the same flights otherwise a separate booking is required.

Why have the prices changed compared with a few days ago?

Prices are provided based on the lowest available products at the time the prices are searched. Prices always vary due to a myriad of reasons, such as airline price updates and currency fluctuations. We reserve the right to withdraw any fare on the website without prior notification.

Can I ask some credit back if the prices have reduced days after I made the payment?

No. The reason prices have been reduced may be because other passengers have cancelled their bookings or suppliers have introduced a new promotional deals. Prices are always provided based on the lowest available flights/products at the time of booking.

How do I know if the booking has been created successfully? How do I receive my tickets?

When your booking has been processed, a booking confirmation will then be sent to your applicable email address. We recommend printing out your e-ticket/voucher as these will be required for check-in at the airport/hotel/tour pick-up point.

After the flight booking has created successfully , can I still cancel my booking?

Please DO NOT process the payment if you have decided to cancel your booking. If cancelling the booking after the payment has been made, our refund policy will apply.

What happens if I make the same booking more than once via any booking channels?

A “duplicate booking” is when a passenger makes a booking for the same supplier via different channels. All passenger only allows to hold one confirm booking with the same supplier at the time of booking made. Failure to comply could result in all of your bookings being cancelled without any refund. Please note that if this was not caused by us, we are not liable for any damages or losses should a duplicate booking occur.

How soon can I make a flight booking?

Typically reservations can be taken from 300-330 days in advance. Please note that if your booking has been made more than 6 months in advance, your flight schedule may still be amended and/ or affected due to an airlines adjustment of their schedules.

Can I transfer my ticket or booking to another person?

No. Your booking and ticket are all non-transferrable.

What should I do if I have name spelling error or name change after booking created?

Please DO NOT process the payment if there are any errors. Simply restart the booking procedure approximately one hour later. If the payment has been made with errors, airline penalties will most likely apply. Please contact your travel consultant for assistance should this occur.

What should I do if I have to re-new my passport?

Please contact your travel consultant for assistance should this occur and we will send your latest travel information to the airlines. Please note it is important to transfer all existing visas if applicable from the old passport to your new one.

Can you skip my next flight and travel on the flight after?

No. Airlines require all passengers to travel in sequence. Travel in sequence simply means travel as per the itinerary shown on your ticket from the departure point via any agreed connecting points and onto your final destination (or vice versa). Airlines reserve the right to refuse check-in for the rest of your flights if this condition has not been met as each leg of your journey is linked to a part of your electronic ticket. If you have any unwanted flights they must be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the flight commencing to avoid the applicable airline fees and penalties (such as “no-shows” or “cancelling under insufficient time”).

Can I refund my purchased products if I decide to cancel my travel plans?

Supplier cancellation policies apply when seeking a refund of a purchased product. These fees include supplier cancellation policy of up to 100% of your purchased fares and an administration fee of $110 per person per supplier. Application for refunds must be submitted in writing within 12 months from the date of payment. No refund applies if a product has been partially used. The timeframe expected to process your application is 3 months from the date of submission.

How soon will I receive a refund if my booking is cancelled?

Refund processing times vary from product-to-product. The standard refund process time is approximately 3-4 months after receiving written notice of your cancellation. Our system will then request the travel service supplier cancel the order and process the said refund. The travel service supplier will then calculate the amount and arrange your refund accordingly. If you have any questions about the refund, please contact your travel consultant.

Subject to any applicable rights or remedies under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (including the Australian Consumer Law) or equivalent State and Territory statutes, your request for a refund of an airfare booked through Digital Travel Pty Ltd is administrated by the terms and conditions of the airfare you purchased as determined by the airlines. Many fares are non-refundable. Airline charges and cancellation fees may apply to your airfare. When a refund is granted it must be claimed in a timely manner. These times may vary depending on the fare booked. It is your responsibility to cancel the flight directly with the airline or to notify Digital Travel Pty Ltd. Failure to do this could result in the entire booking being cancelled and you may not be eligible for a refund. Any fees for such change or cancellation must be made via credit card and will attract the applicable credit card surcharges. We are unable to provide refunds until we receive the funds back from the supplier(s).

How can I amend/change my bookings?

If you wish to change a booking (where permitted), an amendment fee will apply. In some cases we may charge cancellation and/ or amendment fees plus those charged by the travel service providers. Fees include the penalty from the airlines, fares difference (if applicable), taxes difference (if applicable) and an administration fee per person, per transaction. Please note that this change procedure must be completed a minimum of three (3) working days in advance prior to the original booked flights departure.

How do I cancel an unwanted flight?

For unwanted flights to be effectively cancelled, the cancellation must be completed a minimum of 24 hours prior to the flight commencing to avoid the applicable airline fees and penalties (such as “no-shows” or “cancelling under insufficient time”). All airlines reserve the right to cancel the remainder of your bookings should you fail to comply with these terms and conditions. Passengers who do not show up for their flights will be considered a “no-show”. The connecting flights associated with their booking, including the return flight will be cancelled without a refund and an additional fee could be charged, depending on the airline. When “cancelling under insufficient time” passengers who have not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the flights departure are often subject to the full fare without a refund, depending on the airline.

What is the minimum connection time between two flights at the airport?

The minimum connection time (MCT) is the shortest time interval required in order to transfer a passenger and their luggage from one flight to a connecting flight. MCT’s vary between flights at each airport but our online booking system will guarantee that all connecting flights comply with the MCT requirement of each airport, provided your flights are booked and issued under the same ticket number. There are circumstances beyond our control which may result in insufficient transit times such as weather, maintenance and air traffic control on the day of the flight. If this occurs, please contact the staff at the boarding gate or transit counter for assistance. If you feel you require extra time between flights, please DO NOT process your payment on the flight in question. Please contact your travel consultant so we may assist you in booking a more suitable flight.

Will my luggage get checked through to my final destination?

For Full Service Carriers you do not need to re-enter for check-in if:

  • Your tickets are issued under the same booking reference number.
  • The prior and subsequent flights are arriving/ departing to or from the same airport.
  • The airlines have an interline agreement which assists passengers travelling on itineraries requiring multiple flights on multiple airlines.

If you are concerned that your selected airlines do not have such an agreement in place it is best to enquire with your travel consultant or directly with the carriers for peace of mind.

For Low Cost Carrier (LCC) the transit service is usually purchased when booking and cannot be purchased afterwards. If the ticket purchased does not include a transit service it is your responsibility to make sure the connecting flight time is adequate as LCC’s will not provide compensation or change their schedule should you miss your connecting flight.

How do I use a Mileage Upgrade?

Please DO NOT process the payment and contact our travel consultant directly if you would like to use a mileage upgrade. Please note mileage upgrades are not always available and subject to capacity of the airline. Please refer to the official airline website’s mileage plan and your flight information to make the reservation directly.

I need to go to a certain country and transit at a certain airport. Do I need a Visa and how do I apply for one?

It is your sole obligation to ensure that you meet all the requirements of immigration and any other government authorities by holding valid passports, visas and re-entry permits. Re-entry visas will/ may be required for travellers leaving Australia holding a foreign passport. If you hold a foreign passport then it is your responsibility to make your own enquiries in regard to your passport and/or visa requirements before leaving Australia.

If the itinerary dictates that you need to transfer at different airports in the same city or transit between different terminals, a transit visa is required to enter the connection.

Some countries do not require visas for general tourist purposes; however online permits are necessary for countries such as the United States (ESTA) and Canada (ETA). Please ensure you apply and are successful in gaining these permits well in advance.

Certain countries require a landing visa which you do not need to apply for in advance but when you arrive or depart you will need to prepare and complete the relevant documents.

Will I collect my full boarding pass at the point of the departure?

Whether or not a full boarding pass can be obtained at the departure airport is dependent on the previous and subsequent flight period as well as ground handling operations. Long-haul flights may only be able to pick up boarding passes for some flight sections at the departure airport. After arriving at the transit airport, please go to the transit counter to collect or renew your boarding pass to continue your trip.

I need to transfer at a certain airport, do I need to re-enter for check-in?

If you have a connecting flight, i.e. two or more subsequent flights at a different airport in the same city (e.g. Tokyo Haneda Airport to Tokyo Narita Airport) then you must proceed through both immigration and customs clearance at the arriving airport and then check-in for another flight at another airport to transfer onto a domestic flight.

Can I designate a booking class (RBD)?

Yes. Please contact our travel consultant directly.

If wanting to buy a baby / infant flight ticket what should I do?

Due to safety regulations it is not possible to book an infant ticket online. Please contact our travel consultant directly to make an infant reservation manually.

If an adult ticket is booked first the airlines or travel agency are required to issue a baby ticket afterward. There is no limit on the number of infants permitted aboard a flight.

We recommend checking with the airline before booking an infant as infant fares, boarding restrictions and usage regulations for each airline differ in this regard.

Please note that if a refund or change of ticket is required, the penalty fee and the original ticket type must be paid.

If pregnant or suffering from an illness / condition what do I need to prepare?

If pregnant or suffering from an illness/ condition, a doctor’s certificate confirming that the passenger is medically fit and able to fly should be presented to their airline for confirmation before departure. As all airlines have different operating procedures and forms to complete it is up to the passenger to provide the relevant medical information to each airline separately if their itinerary contains flights operated by multiple airlines. Failure to do so could result in you being denied boarding. To make the recommended disclosures you can contact the airline directly or alternatively contact your travel consultant for assistance.

How do I request extras such as seat selection, extra meals, extra baggage allowance etc. for my booked flights?

For Full Service Carriers simply contact your travel consultant who will assist you in applying it to your designated airline, if possible. For Low Cost Carriers (LCC) you must purchase from the airlines official website by providing your booking reference as well as your email address when placing the order. Alternatively you contact their customer service team. Please note this may incur an extra admin fee.

Is mobility assistance (a wheelchair etc.) available for my booked flights?

If you or somebody travelling with you requires mobility assistance, most reputable airlines can provide this service, however there are exceptions. When booking with an airline it is your responsibility to ensure the airline can facilitate your special requirements and that they have been notified of the type of assistance you require. Airlines can assist passengers who have difficulty walking long distances, have difficulty going up and down steps or need help getting to their designated seat on the aircraft. This also includes wheelchair assistance. If mobility assistance is required, please let your travel consultant know so we may make the proper enquiries on your behalf.

What is the currency and transaction location on your website? Will I be charged an overseas transaction fee?

We are an Australian company, however due the nature of our trade and in order to facilitate our international customers we deal in numerous global currencies. The final transaction fee will be in Australian Dollar (AUD) but if your card transaction currency is not in AUD then exchange rate conversion fees will apply. You will need to contact your credit card issuer to confirm whether or not you will be charged an overseas transaction fee.

Do the prices on the website include tax?

Our website includes various taxes and fees however there may be additional costs such as hotel city taxes, hot spring taxes or group-funded itinerary taxes. If there are any additional costs they will be included on the product page.

Is it safe to input my credit card information online?

With billions of dollars in online purchases every year and low fraud rates, credit cards are generally a safe way to pay online, however credit card fraud can still arise. In order to ensure the safety of your information, our website and your browser use Transport Layer Security (TLS) which is a secure communications protocol (set of rules) designed to provide communications security over a computer network. We use TLS version 1.1 or higher protocol and a certificate of 128 / 256-bit or higher key for encrypted connection to ensure that data is transmitted during the transmission process. Furthermore to safeguard the rights and interest of the cardholders, when paying via credit card on our website, the card is required to be verified by “3D verification” technology.

What is 3D verification technology?

3D verification technology is a protocol that provides extra protection for customers for online payments. It is used to validate the cardholder during payment processing. The technology is also called Verified by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode, JCB J / Secure, American Express SafeKey. When completing 3D verification you will be required to input a set of card numbers sent by the card issuer to the cardholder’s mobile phone number or a pre-approved verification code to verify the identity of the cardholder and reduce the risk of credit card fraud. If your bank provides this verification service, you will be required to enter a verification code to complete the authorized transaction process.

Can I book a flight/product for a friend or use another person’s credit card to make the purchase?

Yes, this is possible provided you have obtained the cardholders permission to avoid any subsequent transaction disputes. We reserve the right to notify the card issuer, request you show the identity documents of the cardholder and/ or the passenger in addition to refusing/ cancelling the transaction should we consider it to be potentially fraudulent. Please note that each travel service provider may have permission requirements regarding “non-personal transactions” where cardholders are different persons. It is your responsibility to check with them if you need to provide extra authorization or identity verification. Failure to do so could result in you being denied boarding or unable to check-in.


How long will it take for payment to be successful?

This depends on the method of payment. Credit card payments are confirmed instantly after completing them online. When completed, the system will automatically carry out follow-up operations for you such as issuing airline tickets, reservations, group bookings, etc.

Why did my credit card payment fail?

The reasons for this may simply be the accidental use of an expired card, the wrong card number or information has been input or the cards transaction limit has been reached etc. It is also possible that the card issuer system or the acquiring bank system is busy or the network connection is abnormal at the time of purchase. If this occurs try again later. Other reasons may relate to the ever increasing fraud prevention and/or other security measures implemented by credit card companies and the bank has flagged your attempted purchase as an abnormal transaction or the 3D verification process has failed. If this occurs you will need to contact the card issuer or bank for any errors.